Out of a Tree Into a Notebook

I broke my neck at C-1,3,5, my spinal cord severed completely at T-2,3. This left me with numb arms but complete use of those arms. I came out writing like a man that just came outta the grave. My heart is to be spilled out, and I am using these two dead arms to share life – God’s testament – writing words that build bridges from the limitations of this world to the impossibilities of God.

Complete people complete people. Every day I am invested in becoming complete and sharing my journey with you. I’m not standing (okay, sitting) on the sidelines shouting out directions. I’m on the field as much as I can – giving. Giving is living and living is giving. If you get that, you’ll get it all.

So I’m giving.

My heart is to be spilled out through words and poured out to give you hope and courage to find your giving life.