whole reflection


With all the parts and pieces,

      in all the passing time;

   This Jesus’s purpose – saving souls

   He’s calling Hearts to see it,

            falling, casts, divine,

   His whispers lead us . . . making Whole

Whole, complete, satisfied – perfectly secure

            Jesus ever One      ever after

Told “received” that is Christ – the Lord, believe, pure

            Jesus God’s Own Son      Master

Master one eternity, Master over death,

            Master over sin and grave,

Master fords; you believe – ever after blessed

That you’re poured in Him . . . saved

   Saved, Redeemed, One in Love,

            Raised up for this purpose

   Display God’s power making way for souls

   Praising the Kind      Son of God

   Who made us ~ more “perfect”

            faith the Hour      saving whole.

– Gene Hendrix

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