Holy Rest

Holy Rest                    Boldly blessed

   Perfect – Lord’s intention

Souls we bless for righteousness

   The world – ford’s salvation.

Never any compromise,

   Never any doubt,

      Never hair-line crack falling in;

Where my Jesus          realized,

   Sharing in your bout,

      there diving is fact calling.

Come dear soul                       drink of Me

   From your desert fine

      parched I know all you want and more

One you’re whole                   love completes

      sons and daughters           Higher

         Hearts I hold call on the Lord.

“I am cruising in the passing lane. I’m in the way. Or am I cruising – driving down the center waiting for the right time to pass – in a moment?”

“We have Holy Rest when we rest in Him. Come to the table of inwardness, feast on the finest of fares. The One who is able to bring Hold Rest; Jesus, is always there.”

– Gene Hendrix

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