20 Seconds of Courage

Grace don’t mean nuttin

   ‘till you’re trying to get somewhere

      that’s all there is to it!

It’s that extra degree when you’re trying to square

      that mile when you’re trying to get through it.

It’s a shot of courage at quitting time

   when it looks like sure defeat,

It’s God’s Word, in the vine, shared at Jesus’s feet.

Twenty seconds of Courage is what you need to change your world.

Be ready, willing, and able for it, then see the plan unfurl.

Know, in time, your destination. Know your very purpose.

Have in mind no reservations. Show 20 seconds of courage.

Every time and anytime God reveals to you

   His divine, perfect vine, seals you in the Truth.

   Spirit stirs within your heart. Move, you must, and see

where it occurs that this all starts in you – you trust, believe.

Twenty seconds of Courage; and invitation, I bid thee well.

And when it comes, I pray your edge is sharp enough to tell . . .

      And have 20 seconds of Courage.

Gene Hendrix

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